1. Danijel Simunovic Reply
    July 8, 2011

    Porter – so so simple. Works even when you’re chilling at the beach…

  2. Hernan Galvez Reply
    January 27, 2012

    Esto es BÁSICO ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wednesday Agha Reply
    February 10, 2012

    five competitive forces that alot of ppl fail to notice
    The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy

  4. Izabella Andersson Reply
    February 16, 2012

    Michael Porter on the Five Forces that Shape Strategy

  5. Michael Porter on the updated 5 forces

  6. IIA Learning Reply
    January 7, 2013

    Watch an interview with Michael Porter about the 5 forces. Especially for
    our M1 students!

  7. ManagementMagazine South Africa Reply
    February 14, 2013

    Michael E. Porter on modern business strategy …

  8. Management Smorgasbord- Breakthrough Ideas Reply
    March 13, 2013

    ” Strategic thinking rarely occurs spontaneously.”
    The 5-Forces Framework
    Competitive Advantage
    Competitive Strategy
    The Competitive Advantage of Nations

  9. Denise Kennedy Reply
    July 26, 2013


  10. Therefore Strategic Technology Services (Pty) Ltd Reply
    August 10, 2013

    An Interview with Michael E. Porter, Professor, Harvard University.
    Porter’s five competitive forces is the basis for much of modern business
    strategy. Understand the framework and how to put it into practice.

  11. I have some new understandings for the five forces now!

  12. Gonzalo reinsther Reply
    November 20, 2013

    This Forces make my schoolwork difficult FUCK U!!!

  13. Ogechi Ebere Reply
    December 6, 2013

    Oh! This is great! Now to get my hands on the article. :)

  14. The analysis that can be performed based on the Porter model seem sensitive
    to hindsight bias. We look at airline industry and know that it is not
    profitable and then just look at the evidence and point out: “ha!” the
    model works!
    The same for soft drinks industry.
    I think it is much more difficult to make use of this model when you are
    already in a difficult position in a particular industry, or when you want
    to enter a in new industry yourself.
    I think aside from the structure of an industry, which is at the core of
    this model, it is important to take into consideration how well you can
    differentiate yourself from the competition in a way that can catch on to
    clients and how well you can retain this competitive advantage. If that’s
    the case, maybe the industry does not matter as much from the 5 forces
    perspective rather than the product/ the need/ and differentiability.
    Nevertheless, I find the model interesting and will continue to see how it
    could work.

  15. J. Anthony Gell Reply
    December 30, 2013

    Michael’s point on great leaders know or have an opinion on the future of
    their industry is so true. All great leaders have a vision as to the macro
    forces that are impacting, or are going to impact on their company.
    Essentially they align themselves, and there companies with massive trends
    is everything. 

  16. Carly McCalla Reply
    January 9, 2014

    This is gold-dust! I feel confident about my business strategy exam next
    week already 🙂 

  17. Christian Dullinger Reply
    January 11, 2014

    Blue Ocean or Five Forces?

  18. I read three of his books. makes you want to put a bullet in your brain
    from boredom but they teach a lot.

  19. EOBON VIET NAM Reply
    March 30, 2014

    i do not understand so much 

  20. Ankama Hango Reply
    April 22, 2014

    I think he is trying too hard to explain something simple he relies on
    talkshows and debate to continuously make his case stronger . Igor Ansoff
    over Potter -

  21. ~Red Feather Co~ Reply
    April 26, 2014

    Michael E. Porter …. need not to say more

  22. Rakesh Rana Reply
    May 16, 2014

    Good business strategy but
    How can we relate it with CRM Plz provide suggestions… +Harvard Business

  23. Paweł Kęcerski Reply
    May 26, 2014

    Bullshit, bullshit, “business word”… this guy never actually answered a

  24. Firew Biruu Reply
    May 27, 2014

    What?? Which flight has the greatest market share? National or
    international flight? And he says it is substitutable with trains and car
    drive? That is funny. 

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