Business Acumen – this video is all about zero cost to implement strategies to increase your business profits with little known marketing strategies.

This video is all for all small to medium enterprise business owners. It is relevant too all businesses from start-up to 50 employees.

Business acumen is your understanding of business and marketing is one important, but not the only important aspect of business acumen training.

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Business acumen is not about industry skills or knowledge, it"s about pure business skills. A person with excellent business acumen would make any business profitable. Business acumen is about being able to manage a business and being able to solve the business"s management and growth challenges, to do with cash flow, employees, lead generation, competitors, pricing at ideal profit margins, converting inquiries into sales at an optimal conversion rate.

McDonalds optimized 3 core skills relating to business acumen, people, systems and measuring. Focus on these 3 skills to improve with business acumen training. If you want to obtain a full skills set of business acumen, check out our company website — for a free 7 part video course or to attend our 7 month intensive, online, live training course.

Developing your business acumen skills will give you greater profit margins, more time, less stress and less frustration about owning your own business.

The 3 core skills of business acumen can be further broken down into sub-skill sets. All these are outlined on our blog –……

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    April 9, 2015

    Great book

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