Secret Of Change Management – Motivation, Leadership Skills, Development, Styles And Business Strategy – Motivational Conference Keynote Speaker – Speech By Patrick Dixon


Business Strategy – Starbucks


Business Strategy – Core Competencies


  1. A. Taoro

    I hear you completely, this is great πŸ™‚ thank you for sharing..
    What I don’t get (yet) is how to instil passion into those who lack it. I know its has to do with communication and I’ll figure it out somehow..
    PS: Cook Islands (a group of tropical islands in the South Pacific just north of New Zealand – a few dots on an atlas). Cheers,,

  2. Futurist Keynote Speaker Patrick Dixon - FUTURE

    Passion is infectious – you can’t invent it in yourself. Discover what you are passionate about, share it and others will (usually) get it. Life’s too short to do things you don’t believe in.

  3. A. Taoro

    That has got to be the greatest words said since John 3:16.. i hope you don’t mind if i quote you on that.. many thanks..

  4. Futurist Keynote Speaker Patrick Dixon - FUTURE

    Delighted for you to quote anything! Thanks for the encouragement. Enjoy the other 500 videos on my channel…

  5. JSavic

    Very charismatic & credible speaker who has distilled business down to its essence.

  6. Murray Kilgour

    And doesn’t know how to make good Youtube videos.

  7. Futurist Keynote Speaker Patrick Dixon - FUTURE

    Thanks for this – yes the quality of video images recorded on the day is far from brilliant – but the video has been seen around 200,000 times – for reasons which are to me unclear! Any thoughts on this paradox?

  8. Nadir Ally

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  9. Taurai Shoko

    Quite inspirational. Based in Botswana, studying through Regenesys (final year BBA). They recommended your article. Am I glad I followed up the link. Lots more enriching stuff where that comes from. Passion. Inspiration. And what companies are built on. In marketing they call it Value Proposition = delivering on a promise (of our – and maybe the only – reason for our existence as a company). End result? Solutions done on time and within budget = satisfied customer. Successful companies KNOW this

  10. RuliithoAmaya

    And this is just what I’ve been trying to make my students understand. It’s not just about layoffs, redundancies, relocation, pay cuts… It’s not about those “innovative” strategies! Loved your video.

  11. marck louis

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  12. R Mahesh Iyer

    Promise with Passion and you will deliver performance with profit.

  13. Richard Springer

    He looks angry in his presentation.

  14. Margarite Best

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  15. Nassim Abed

    Thank you for the video. Is there a Part 2 where you speak of what else it takes once the passion is there?

  16. Nassim Abed

    I am yet to come across anyone who speaks of change without having any anger. Somehow the two (change and anger) go together.

  17. mahmmoud saeed

    way to go

  18. Jonathan Tichich

    Very passionate video.. I like it .. Keep sharing..

  19. Charles Washika

    Very inspirational.. especially the part about why you wake up to go to work

  20. Francisco Cornejo

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