Inside Net-a-Porter"s Strategy For ‘Porter" Magazine [Full] | The Business Of Fashion

| The Business Of Fashion" upload_time="2014-02-06T11:05:42.000Z" description="BoF"s Imran Amed, speaking to Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massenet, editor-in-chief Lucy Yeomans, and VP of Publishing & Media Tess Macleod Smith, on the occasion" duration="PT37M15S"]


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  1. Patricia Sheng

    Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  2. Sandrine Tachie-Menson

    Great interview, great project and strategy.
    This business model is so inspiring and compelling, Nathalie Massanet is an excellent entrepreneur, such an amazing example for women.    
    Long live Porter Mag 

  3. mokai1618

    A great video! Thank you.

  4. Simona Anghel

    Well done BoF. Good luck with your projects

  5. Nomqhele Ackie Ndlovu

    Love these great women! Great interview.

  6. Geraldine ramirez

    love this interview. i need to get the magazine. 

  7. PatientLove

    Amazing. Very inspiring, informative and interesting. I found new role models. Well done BoF.

  8. Kwame Adams

    his evaluation of how he interviews is really inspiring. How is it no one mentions that? he’s actually quite good. Engaged, always asking what it seems to me, very well though out questions and it seems to me he ALWAYS knows the brand personally. Thumbs up,way up for him and The Business of Fashion!!!

  9. Jonathan Cavaliere

    This is awesome! Thanks as always Imran for exploring a different part of the industry.

  10. Marquia Jones

    While this is a very quaint interview and exploration into the brand and project… I can’t help but wander about the diversity within it… Really, three women of a European variety?! SMH, wow… when will people in the luxe high fashion sector awaken to the reality of diverse perspectives? Its too bad that everything is filtered through a white Euro centric sensibility.

  11. THE JTA GROUP creative firm

    Such brilliant minds with three astounding women with a clear vision. Wonderful.

  12. Mariana Figueiredo Silva

    Amazing! Loved to watch this interview!

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