GET SHELL SHOCKED! How can you grow your mobile DJ business? One way is to specialize in a certain service.

Why specialize?
When you specialize in something it makes you stand out and makes you different. With so many great DJs and DJ/Entertainment businesses out there you want to make sure your business is more memorable.

I decided to specialize in unique events. As a female DJ, I like to dress up! What"s more? Not only do I dress up for our unique events, my DJs, DJ assistants and dancers do as well. Sometimes our dancers even choreograph dances especially for an event.

What are your talents and/or interests? How can you incorporate these traits into your DJ mixes, DJ personality, or business? Once you begin to specialize in something you"ll stand out from the crowd. Your business will become more memorable, in turn helping your business to become a success. Of course, keep in mind there"s also a lot of HARD WORK! But hey, you"ll get to do what you love all the time… PLAY MUSIC! Hope you enjoyed today"s tip! I really also hope you enjoy the video from our Jingle Jam 2014 event! Bertos and I teamed up to start also offering video services. With Bertos behind the camera grabbing great footage, I was able to produce this great video. Hope you like it! If you did, please don"t forget to support the SBS channel and Subscribe! We thank you so much for all your support! Stay tuned next Tuesday for a new DJ video. Have a great week! DeeJay Shelly

Photos from most of our unique events where taken by two of the most amazing photographers I know! Christine Angeline and Rachael Conlan! Thanks girls!

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    March 17, 2015
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    March 17, 2015

    great job shelly different is always good´╗┐

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