In this tutorial, I explain how to get business referrals in three ways. For more business tips, try my business apps:

In this tutorial I explain 3 strategies you can use to get business referrals. These strategies focus on getting social referrals, getting referrals from your business network, and paying commission for referrals since you can make much more revenue from those customers than you would pay out in the commission.

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This video covers how to get business referrals that are social media referrals for your business, professional referrals, and referrals from purchased leads. Notice that there are actually three kinds of business referrals. There are social referrals to your business by friends. Then there are the professional business referrals who may come from a network of other businesses. And there are the paid business referrals where you pay the person who refers clients to you.

First, let"s take a look at social media business referrals. This usually happens when you really please your customers and users and they post links to your site on their social media accounts so that their friends can see.

The other kind of business referrals you can get are professional business referrals. You can set up a network of businesses that also cater to your clients and you can recommend the clients to those businesses and those businesses can refer their clients to you.

The last technique to get business referrals is to actually pay for the referrals. That is called paying for leads. It is a more reliable way to get referrals because whoever refers people to you has financial incentive to make those referrals.

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