The domain name does matter

The domain name is one of the few factors that you need to think seriously about your website / blog. You can not change unless you buy another but that is a waste of money and time because you will adjust the changes to your new domain name. Then one tip that you can consider at this point is to look for domain names with two words and an extension “.com"


Quality is more important than quantity

If you don’t have quality content you may have many visitors but they will not stay a long time on your website because they notice that the information they are reading is not useful or unique so they just go their way and go elsewhere. It is best to update your blog regularly, but not obsessively, if you really want to be popular. Having quality contents is your top priority. So instead of spending three hours on creating four articles, it is best to use the same time making only one quality article. Being more specific, you must understand that your content should be interesting and attractive to visitors.


Pareto"s law still applies throughout your business

Yes, that is correct. The “Pareto"s Law" still applies to your business.

80% of results come from 20% effort.
80% of the effects come from 20% of causes.

Below are two examples:

80% of the profit of a business is generated by 20% of employees.
80% of the land in the world is purchased by 20% of the world"s people.
80% of revenue is generated from a company 20% of its customers.
The percentages of 80% and 20% are not absolute, of course. It can be effective to some but not all. You can try this principle if it makes your business grow more than expected. These percentages can vary, but the essence of this great variation in proportions is what the law is based.


You need a community on your blog

Through a community, you can have more chance to have extra contributions, reviews, positive and negative also comments, which will keep you motivated to help, to improve, to make changes to your website and product.


Try to answer every comment and every query you receive from your website"s contact form. With this, you can develop a sense of trust from your customers. The community helps you more connected to potential and returning customers. You can regularly post about upcoming events and updates about your products.

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