The use of appropriate words is the most important element in decision making for marketing.


It is obvious that this is a virtually a magic word around the world. Like for an instance, you offer a product and say: “Try our product, we have FREE SAMPLES”. Then change your defensive mode to open mode. The word “free” changes the attitude of people, makes them smile and generate hitch even with the most serious and cautious consumers, customers or prospects. In mobile marketing, this word has a virtually automatic reflex which touches people to see, read, download, subscribe for whatever it is free, even if they will not review or even a product is not that useful for them.


In mobile marketing, if you combine this word with the name of the customer or prospect, you will definitely grab their


By default, this word is able to draw attention from the poorest to even the richest in the world. In mobile marketing, money is a powerful word, but ineffective if it is not used properly. You should not use this to some person who got defensive and thinks more of what you"re talking even if it is not necessary. Whether the money is powerful, it makes people think so make sure to use proper statements.


In mobile marketing, “easy” is a word that promotes “call to action” for smartphone users because a smartphone is user-friendly. Any app that is easy to install, easy to configure is what customers wanted. The main goal should not focus not only on the simplicity but the time that is saved when using a product that is so easy to use.


Basically, this word applies best when it comes to products. It means that the company or individual will be responsible for any problems, damages or inconvenience in using the product. In mobile marketing, this word is excellent for developing confidence and that satisfaction is guaranteed for your customers.


It is an effective word when products come with this word which represents a positive state and welfare concerns. In mobile marketing, it is best reflected through images and videos by just using this single word.


This is a very effective word. You need to highlight something new and fresh about your product. In mobile marketing, this is very efficient to use with the new smartphone technologies complemented with products and services.

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